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How do we value your business?

We use a multiple of earnings valuation methodology to determine the value of your online business. This result in a highest valuation. There are 13 factors that we consider in our valuation. These factors determine the level of risk and return on investment to a buyer. Naturally a business that has more risk will be valued at a lower level than a business that has less risk.

Factors we consider

  • Net Profit
  • Link profile
  • Growth Trends
  • Business model
  • Website Traffic
  • Growth trends
  • Age of the business
  • Competitors

Recent Companies We Have Sold

Niche Apparel Ecommerce Business

Profit: $1,512,345 Year Established: 1999

Sold for: $5,100,000

International Jewellery Ecommerce Business

Profit: $488,284 Year Established: 2013

Sold for: $1,400,000

Beauty Ecommerce Business

Profit: $357,654 Year Established: 2014

Sold for: $850,000

Daily Deal Content Site

Profit: $201, 345 Year Established: 2011

Sold for: $480,000

Recording Device Dropship Business

Profit: $57,874 Year Established: 2007

Sold for: $121,000

$8.1m Deals Closed In Q1 2016!

Welcome to Digital Exits. My name is Jock Purtle and I am the founder of Digital Exits.

I understand selling your online business is probably the most important deal of your life and we are here to make that process as easy as possibly while maximising the value of your company at Digital Exits. Having sold $8.1 million dollars worth of online businesses so far in 2016 we believe you should be selling your online business with us.

So... I'd like to invite you to request a FREE valuation from one of our expert team members by clicking the button below and filling in the details about your business.

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Peter beattie imrevolver.com
We found digital exits by searching google for "how to sell your online business for 6 or 7 figures" They called us right back after I submitted the request, gave us an honest valuation and helped us sell our business.
Edward Yim Blue Moon Ventures
Digital Exits helped us exit an e-commerce business in our portfolio that no longer fitted our core vision for our company.
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