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Selling Your Ecommerce Website?

Get Your Free Website Valuation

Our free website valuation gives you an accurate idea of how much your website is worth and how much it could sell for.

A website broker will review your website

Digital Exits is based in Los Angeles, USA. One of our qualified brokers will asses the value of your business over the phone.

This is 100% confidential

Keeping the information of your website information confidential is important to us. To keep it this way we do the following:

  • Only one person will be reviewing your sensitive data
  • We will happily sign a non-disclosure agreement

How our website valuation works:

1. Send me information about your website
You should include your website URL, traffic and financial info and a quick summary about your website when filling out the form

2. You share your analytics and sales history
I need access to your analytics and financials (I can sign NDA if you like)

3. Schedule a skype chat
In the call I will ask you lots of questions to learn everything I need to know

4. I will perform a full valuation
In my analysis I will apply a valuation methodology to your website and compare it against similar sites that have sold to determine it’s value. I will also provide specific feedback from a saleability perspective

5. I will report on it’s salability and current valuation
The final result would be a practical understanding of what you might likely sell your website for if you listed it for sale

Here’s what to do next:

Fill in your details in the form to the right. I will get that email and be in contact with you the next business day you send it to get started.